cult of personality in our politics

Heroes: Why we should end the cult of personality in our politics

We need to reconcile the reality of our countries with the legacies of the people who led us to freedom, this includes recognising their failures and fallibility and ending the cult of personality.

how religion enhances oppression

Mega church madness: how religion enhances oppression

Over the years and especially when combined with politics, religion has become this force that enhances oppression, this titan if you will of quelling the masses. Here is how religion enhances oppression.

bread riots africa

What a humble loaf of bread can tell us about the world politics

The information is not quite popular, but bread is at the origin of several riots around the world, in Africa in particular. So here is what a loaf of bread can tell us about world politics.

is feminism unafrican

Is feminism unafrican?

Women existing should be enough reason for our societies to ensure we achieve gender equality. So why do sexist African men still continue to make an argument that culture is more important than those living by it?

Factors of modern slavery

The push and pull factors of modern slavery

Over 40 million victims were confined in modern-day slavery in 2016, of which women make up 71%. Despite global awareness, modern slavery remains a critical social issue. Here is how to understand and fight it.

talk about sexual assaults

It’s not you, it’s them: let’s talk about sexual assaults

In South Africa 563 841 sexual offenses happen in a year but only 62 649 of these are reported, meaning less than one fifth of the crimes.