Maggid Mjengwa

Blogging, covering sensitive stories and ethics with Maggid Mjengwa

Maggid Mjengwa is a political and social blogger living in Irina, Tanzania. Created in 2006, his platform Mjengwa Blog is now a reference when it comes to social and political analysis in his country.

Vairified, a tech company partnering with the city of Douala for the greater good

I talked about Vairified for the first time last April. I was enthusiastic and excited about the application. To me it ...

ambassador of conscience award

Ambassador of Conscience Award 2016 : African activists rewarded

“You cannot bring about change if artists are not on your side”. I did not get what Smockey (co-founder of ...

Moctar Cisse, the entrepreneur selling Prison Art through e-business

The purpose of Yes We Sell is twofold. It enables prisoners to make money for themselves, to improve their living conditions in prison where some goods are sold, and for their family. It is also a way to improve their ...

Malyka Diagana, the photographer coloring the world in black and white

Born to a father who is a lawyer and a mother who is a writer, nothing predestined Malyka Diagana to ...

Corneille Towendo

Corneille Towendo reveals Entrepreneurs in French speaking African countries

Entrepreneur En Action is the podcast every young African coming from a French speaking country should know about: entrepreneurs tell their whole story.