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Are you fed-up with downgrading stories and images of Africa everywhere? We are too. Africa is way more than war, hunger and ethnical feuds, and some Instagrammers are working to make web users aware of that. They show beatiful facets of their country, the country they live in or countries they visit across the continent.

We fell in love with 5 of these accounts and here there are.

Dakar Lives

Created by Olivia Codou Ndiaye, Mamadou Wane, Mamy Tall and Marouane Gasnier to “promote Senegal to tourists while helping locals discover what’s already under their noses”, Dakar Lives is now a reference and one of the biggest communities in the country. The Instagram account mostly showcases urban life, amazing spots to visit, rich cuisine, street life and everything perceived as a symbol of the city of Dakar  like Ndianga Ndiaye (public transportation) or beautifully adorned pirogues. Follow them and crave visiting Senegal !

Spirited Pursuit

Cameroon x Nigeria no dey carry last. // #spiritedpursuit

A post shared by Lee Litumbe (@spiritedpursuit) on

No word can better describe the vision of Spirited Pursuit than what has been said on the website:

” As the face and voice behind Spirited Pursuit, Lee Litumbe’s mission is simple: she is in spirited pursuit of travel, adventure, and new cultural experiences. As a self-taught photographer and storyteller, Lee uses photography to shape poignant narratives on cultural immersion. A Cameroonian by birth, an American by upbringing, and a Nomad at heart, Lee has a deep rooted appreciation for a well-traveled and adventurous life.”

Everyday Africa 

Everyday Africa has been created by the photographers Peter Di Campo and Austin Merill to “counter the crippling stereotypes that define a continent from the perspective of the outside.” Their goal was to photography daily life in Africa and provide people with a fresh perspective of the continent. Today everyday Africa is curated by several talented photographers across the continent and beyond.

Africa Show Boy

“Passionately repositioning Africa through new imagery” is the description of the Instagram account of Ghanaian Nana Kofi Acquah. The photographer does not limit himself to posting pictures of African people. He also dive into cultures, trying to understand them and share his findings through captions like he did when he said “I finally concluded that in Ghana, people generally dress as a reflection of their reality, in Nigeria people dress as a reflection of their ambitions and in the DRC, they dress more as a reflection of their fantasies.”


|Vibes| #rootsandchalicetour #Kampala #Uganda

A post shared by Sarah Waiswa (@lafrohemien) on

Sarah Waiswa defines herself as a Phoet, and she couldn’t have coined better words (Photo and Poet) to describe what she does through her Instagram account. The photographer from Kenya is all about the inner and outter beauty of African people, as well as the beautiful landscapes in Africa, especially the eastern part of the continent.

Here there are, the five accounts we were supposed to tell you guys about ! Share the article and make other people discover these gems.

Photo: Sarah Waiswa

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