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    tech bad governance zimbabwe

    When tech and optimism transcends bad governance in Zimbabwe

    The tech world in Zimbabwe is groing fast despite lack of resources and bad ...

    misconceptions about feminism

    “I don’t need feminism” : misconceptions are a threat to the movement

    Misconceptions about feminism are slowli killing the movement and is a threat to women's ...

    Amber Armour raped

    Amber Armour: raped or not raped?

    In Amber's case the allegedly rapist became a victim of temptation. The activist's case ...

    Corneille Towendo

    Corneille Towendo reveals Entrepreneurs in French speaking African countries

    Entrepreneur En Action is the podcast every young African coming from a French speaking ...


    Who should be blamed for bad governance?

    Should governments systematically be blamed for daily occurrences when it comes to governance ?