Maggid Mjengwa is a political and social blogger living in Irina, Tanzania. The work of this columnist passionate with photography focuses on rural areas of his country. Created in 2006, his platform Mjengwa Blog is now a reference when it comes to social and political analysis in his country.

In this interview, Maggid tells us about how much important blogging is in the news/opinion/analysis landscape nowadays. The mainstream press may sometimes not be able to cover sensitive issues such as mismanagement in public offices because they rely on public/social entities for funding. They therefore cannot expose them, despite the importance of the news for citizens.

Not being tied to such entities, Mjengwa Blog has become a whisteblower, opening “scandals pandora boxes” and making mainstream newspapers follow its lead. As a columnist, Maggid insists that bloggers should follow the ethics of journalism and respect people privacy in their work.

For him, social medias should not be limited to its entertainment aspect. Youth should also use it to raise awareness on issues affecting their communities.




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